Our story

Greece is among the very few European countries with a dramatically increasing number in the population of stray animals, currently exceeding 3,000,000, of which almost 1,500,000 are stray and shelter dogs. In 2015, a team of passionate animal welfarists, tech geeks and public policy enthusiasts came together and created Dogs’ Voice non-profit organisation in order to make Greece a stray free country where all animals will be truly respected and protected. We keep working on this mission since then.

Hammoho is the spin off company of Dogs’ Voice non-profit organisation, the leader for the protection of stray animals in Greece. Our team started creating Hammoho software in 2018 under the Dogs’ Voice umbrella and in 2019 we realised that there is a great potential to our solution becoming relevant to every city that deals with stray animals’ population management.

This is how Hammoho company was born as a software company with the mission to make every place in the world a better place for animals, one city at the time.

Our software

Hammoho provides local municipalities with a software service engaging all stakeholders involved (i.e. the municipality, animal welfare groups, citizens, veterinarians, breeders, the police, sponsors etc.) to a common strategy and methodology for the management of stray animals’ population. Hammoho’s innovation lies on the real time reporting following the analysis of the data inserted by the stakeholders group. Moreover, our software service enables various stakeholders to insert different type of data, measuring their performance and suggesting cost effective policies on local and national level aiming to population control and better living standards for companion animals.

Hammoho software tool helps cities: a. to design a concrete strategy for the management of stray animals’ population based on data analysis and the performance of previously applied policies; b. to increase the cost-benefit efficiency of the funds invested; c. to engage various stakeholders and safeguard their smooth co-operation; to d. to increase the stray animals’ adoption rate; e. to evaluate neutering and veterinary programs in place; f. to address animal abuse incidents more responsively; and g. to assess the risk of public health issues caused by stray animals within a specific area.

Hammoho's mission is aligned with the U.N Sustainable Development Goals

Our team