Hammoho software helps cities to become a better place for animals

Citizens' Platform

Citizens interact with the city and animal welfare groups through Hammoho platform.

Connecting Stakeholders

Stakeholders involved to stray animals' welfare connect through Hammoho platform and insert data related to their operations.


Registries on stray and domestic animals combine under Hammoho platfrom.

Measuring KPIs

Monitor your city's performance on stray animals' population management based on data and KPIs.

Budgeting Tool

Get a cost benefit analysis on the annual municipality budget for stray animals.

Policy tool

Based on city's performance Hammoho software suggests animal welfare policies on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Adoption & Fostering

Hammoho platform promotes stray animals to adoption and fostering homes.

Engaging citizens

Volunteers, sponsors, pet owners, schools and animal lovers come together for stray animals.

Crisis management

Wildfires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes are hard for animals too. Get your city prepared with Hammoho crisis management tool.