What is the most common mistake people living in cities do when it comes to cat colonies protection? They mostly feed them. 

Is it wrong? Absolutely not! But just feeding a cat colony leads to hundreds of new kittens and an excess in the population.

If you feed a cat colony then please follow the tips below:

  1. Take photo of every cat in your cat colony and keep a note regarding its gender; it’s quite easy to find out.
  2. Get in touch with your municipality or local animal group to check if the cats are neutered.
  3. If not, contact your municipality or local animal group immediately and help them neuter the cats.
  4. If they have been neutered procure for some steady food and water bowls as well as some small boxes to keep the colony in place safe and happy.
  5. If you suspect that a cat in your colony is sick or abused contact your municipality and local group in order to transfer it to the vet.
  6. If a new cat shows up, keep a note and inform the local group immediately.
  7. Run an adoption campaign.