The Challenge


stray animals (dogs/cats) population worldwide


countries in the world deal with stray animals


annual public spending on stray animals globally

Hammoho Platform

Connecting Stakeholders

We bring together the local government, animal welfare groups, veterinaries, breeders, citizens and the police

Processing Data

We analyze the data inserted to the platform by various stakeholders

Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor stakeholders' performance and provide real time reporting on the city's performance towards stray animals' population management


We measure the average cost per animal and provide cost-benefit analysis on the annual budget

Engaging citizens

We promote stray animals to responsible adoptions and inform citizens on city's animal welfare policies

Policy & Strategy

We propose concrete animal welfare policies and suggest the city's annual strategy plan

Hammoho Cities

Over 8 municipalities of 994.746 citizens and 120.000 stray animals trust Hammoho solution today